Lil bit rides

Meet the Ponies

Meet "Silver" 

Silver is bold in stature, steady, and very strong.  He loves to pack heavy loads in the mountains and very good at leading on the trail.  Silver is a "Silver Lining" and is a once in a lifetime pony.  He loves kids and he can ride for hours with out getting tired.  He is very excited to get on the trail or to give kids a ride.  His favorite food is apples and foams at the mouth every time he gets that treat.  Silver's best friend is Little Bit and when they are apart you can tell how much they miss each other.

Meet "Little Bit"

Little Bit is a 7 yr old Shetland pony who loves to be with kids.  He got his attractive name by his little stature and calm presence.  He is very sweet, very sure footed, and moves at a steady slow pace.  Little Bit is from Roosevelt, UT and has been known to pack camping supplies, kids in the neighborhood, and also loves to eat.  He favorite food is green grass and cracked corn out of your hand.  Even though Little Bit is the smaller of the two ponies, he knows how to push his way around at the dinner trough.  The two ponies love to stick together and will always be best buds. 

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